10 cup Espresso machine delonghi Coffee Maker For Cappuccino & Latte

Quick Description Of Product

When it comes to crafting authentic cappuccino, espresso and your favorite coffee, this versatile machine never compromises. All-In-One Combination Coffee and Espresso Machine by De’Longhi has Dual Heating System that gives you the best of both worlds by brewing two drinks at once continue to enjoy your simple coffee pleasures on one side, while also indulging in your passion for lattes and cappuccinos on the other.

The innovative Digital Touchscreen makes this machine easy to use, while Bold Setting function allows you to customize to stronger brew strength with the touch of a button. Can’t decide between pods and ground coffee? Now you don’t have to because our 2-in-1 Portafilter allows for both, so you can customize your perfect espresso, every time.

Plus, its milk Advanced Steam Wand helps you to make lattes and cappuccinos, just choose the way you want the milk to be frothed, in the comfort of your home. The coffee loads in the front, and our Large Water Reservoir comes with 47oz of water storing capacity, which makes this the perfect machine for entertaining.

Additionally, 24-hour Programmable Digital Timer comes with an auto-shut off feature, so the machine is ready when you are. The All-In-One also includes a Carafe Warmer to keep the coffee hot once it’s brewed.

For added convenience, the new design of the Spill Proof Carafe ensures simple pouring, to the last drop and the Gold-tone commercial-style permanent filter makes your coffee experience filter-free.

And by eliminating the need for two separate machines, you’re able to free up some much-needed counter space. So whether you’re an espresso aficionado, a latte lover, or a connoisseur of exceptionally delicious drip-coffee, now you could enjoy ease of brewing specialty coffee at home. Treat yourself to the coffee and espresso machine that does it all.

What’s included:

  • Combination Coffee and Espresso Machine
  • Glass Coffee Pot – 10 cup and Gold Tone Coffee Filter
  • Single & Double Shot Filter Basket
  • POD Filter Basket and Measuring Spoon
  • Descaling Solution and Charcoal Water Filter
  • Instruction Manual & Quick Start Guide
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • A coffee machine that knows you drink espresso, too.
  • No waiting time with Dual Heating System Allows you to brew coffee and espresso simultaneously.
  • Italian 15 BAR pressure pump Experience authentic espressos brewed at the optimal pressure for rich flavor.
  • Advanced Steam wand Choose micro-foam setting to steam milk for lattes or treat yourself to authentic cappuccinos with Cappuccino setting on the Advanced Steam Wand.
  • 24 Hour programmable timer and Digital Touchscreen Enjoy intuitive and enhanced experience with Digital Touchscreen and wake up to freshly brewed coffee with the digital timer.
  • Bold Setting function Customize your preference of flavor and aroma for a rich, yet smooth coffee experience
    Spill proof carafe The innovative spill proof carafe allows you to pour your coffee with ease, so not a drop is wasted.

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