Bella hard boiled egg maker Black UpTo 7 Large Eggs with Omelete Tray

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Eggs benedict, lunch prep, morning breakfast or afternoon snack? With the BELLA Egg Cooker, effortlessly cook all the eggs you need to feed the entire family, or meal prep for the whole week.

Rapidly cook up to 7 large whole eggs, 2 perfectly poached eggs, simultaneously with the interchangeable trays. Power switch and indicator light for hassle-free automatic cooking.

Cook your eggs to perfection: soft, medium, or hard boiled, using the marked measuring cup with piercing pin. This BELLA automatic egg cooker does it all: hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, steamed eggs, omelets, all with dishwasher safe, easy clean up.

With the Stainless Steel heating plate and dishwasher safe clear lid, trays and measuring cup, you can enjoy a delicious family sized meals of devilled eggs, egg salad sandwiches, or morning breakfast and even meal prep for the whole week!

Easy To Use: Clear lid for uninterrupted cooking and added convenience. Power switch and ready indicator light lets you know when your eggs are done.

Quick Results: 360 watt heating system cooks, boils, and poaches eggs rapidly and evenly. Satisfy your egg cravings faster without having to wait for water to boil.

Meal Prep Essential: Boil up to 7 large eggs and 2 poached eggs at once. Conveniently makes breakfast and meal prep for the whole week simultaneously!

Easy To Clean: Dishwasher safe lid and non-stick poaching tray and boiling tray are all included and specially designed for hassle-free cleanup. Spend less time cleaning, and more time enjoying your favorite egg-centered meals.

Accessories Included: Includes PFOA-free Non-Stick boiling trays and poaching tray, and measuring cup with piercing pin to prevent shells from cracking. For added convenience, measuring cup clearly indicates how much water to add to cook eggs to your preference for perfect eggs every time!

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