Rowenta iron steam Professional Blue Stainless Steel Soleplate with 1725 Watts

Quick Description Of Product

New innovative design meets powerful performance in the Rowenta Focus DW5280. The new 1725-watt German-made iron features a premium soleplate, delivering a new standard in glide and scratch-resistance for excellent results.

The carefully designed shape and steam holes provide even steam coverage for easy crease removal with just one pass. The soleplate’s pointed tip includes concentrated micro steam holes for targeted steam when reaching into tight spots like between buttons, over collars, and along seams.

The Rowenta Focus iron now features a water-tank window, providing 100% visibility to how much water is in the tank. The Rowenta steam iron adjusts the steam output automatically to match the soleplate temperature (steam can also be turned off for dry ironing).

Use the “burst of steam” function to remove extra-stubborn wrinkles and vertical steam for dropping wrinkles away from drapes and hanging garments.

The upgraded Rowenta Focus iron makes it easy to achieve professional-looking results from the comfort of home. Patent US n°7,305,780.

  • Best steam distribution of the market thanks to 400 active holes, perfectly distributed on the soleplate
  • Highly precise ironing tip
  • Transparent water tank window to adjust easily & precisely the water level
  • Self clean and anti-scale setting for durable performance
  • Anti-drip feature to avoid stains on fabric
  • Easy vertical steaming function
  • Auto-Off function for extra safety

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